Sunday, July 7, 2024

Anglo American Reports De Beers’ Fifth Rough Diamond Sales Value for 2024

London, UK—Anglo American plc has announced the provisional value of rough diamond sales for De Beers’ fifth sales cycle of 2024, totaling approximately $315 million. This figure encompasses both Global Sightholder Sales and Auctions and remains subject to adjustment upon finalization of completed sales.

Sales Performance and Market Context

The reported sales value for Cycle 5 reflects the anticipated sales performance for the period. Al Cook, CEO of De Beers, acknowledged the seasonal lull in diamond sales during the northern summer months, attributing the quieter period to typical market trends.

Insights from Al Cook

Al Cook highlighted the mixed signals from recent market activities, stating, “The northern summer is generally a quieter period for rough diamond sales, and this was reflected in our cycle 5 sales.” He also pointed to the annual JCK jewellery show in Las Vegas as an indicator of renewed interest in natural diamonds among U.S. retailers. However, Cook tempered this optimism with caution due to the ongoing economic challenges in China, which continue to impact overall demand.

Market Projections

The CEO’s comments suggest that while there is a resurgence in certain markets, the broader recovery in diamond demand is expected to be slow and gradual. The term “U-shaped recovery” indicates a prolonged period before demand returns to previous levels, contrasting with a quicker “V-shaped recovery.”


As De Beers navigates the fluctuating demand dynamics, the company remains focused on monitoring market trends and adjusting strategies accordingly. The provisional sales figures for the fifth cycle reflect both the seasonal nature of the diamond market and the broader economic factors influencing global demand.

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