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Jewelry with Friends Launches July Summer Camps for Creative Young Minds

La Mesa, CA—This July, Jewelry with Friends at Grossmont Center is set to launch its Summer Camps, designed to provide young creatives with an enriching experience of self-discovery and personal expression through the art of jewelry making. These camps offer a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history and diverse cultural significance of jewelry while crafting personalized, meaningful pieces.

A Journey Through Jewelry History

Each camp day begins with engaging visual explorations of jewelry stories from various eras and cultures. These sessions set the stage for a week-long journey of artistic discovery, where participants learn how jewelry has symbolized different values throughout history. Expert instructors facilitate discussions, encouraging campers to reflect on their own stories and express them through their creations.

Hands-On Learning Experience

The camps feature hands-on projects that introduce a variety of tools, techniques, and processes essential to jewelry making. Participants will explore colors, textures, and natural materials, making every activity both educational and enjoyable. Sample projects include:

Backpack Charms: Crafting personalized charms to decorate backpacks.

Initial and Nameplate Jewelry: Creating customized pieces with initials and names.

Charm Bracelets: Designing and assembling unique charm bracelets.

Clay Bead Jewelry: Learning to mold and decorate clay beads.

Paper Bead Jewelry: Creating sustainable jewelry using paper beads.

Macrame Keychains: Weaving intricate keychain designs using macrame techniques.

Pyramid-Inspired Jewelry Storage Boxes: Constructing stylish and functional storage solutions.

Flexible and Exciting Weekly Sessions

Each week offers new projects, allowing campers to enjoy a fresh and exciting experience by signing up for multiple sessions. The rotating curriculum ensures that participants can continue to learn and create without repetition, fostering ongoing engagement and enthusiasm.


Jewelry with Friends’ Summer Camps at Grossmont Center in La Mesa provide a perfect blend of historical exploration, creative expression, and hands-on learning. These camps are an ideal setting for young minds to discover the art of jewelry making, learn about cultural heritage, and express their unique stories through their creations.

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