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Krombholz Jewelers Shifts Focus Exclusively to Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Cincinnati—Krombholz Jewelers, a staple in Cincinnati for 84 years, is making a significant shift in its business model.

The jeweler, known for being a comprehensive jewelry shop, will now specialize solely in antique, estate, and vintage jewelry.

Heather Krombholz, company president, recently announced this transition, citing increasing customer demand as the driving force behind the decision.

Krombholz Jewelers has been offering antique, estate, and vintage pieces for the past 40 years, with sales in these categories consistently growing.

“Many of our customers appreciate the unique, well-crafted pieces we offer in these categories at more attractive prices than modern jewelry,” said CEO Lee Krombholz. “Their encouragement has inspired us to devote our full attention to this area, and we are thrilled to make this our focus.”

Founded in 1940, Krombholz Jewelers has been a family-run business for four generations.

Lorraine Gibbs, a loyal customer for 31 years, praised the retailer’s expertise. “Their extensive knowledge of antique, vintage, and estate jewelry has guided my purchases over the years,” Gibbs said.

The transition to an exclusive focus on antique and vintage jewelry will unfold over the next several months, with completion expected by September 1.

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