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Gem Diamonds Recovers 123-Carat Diamond from Letšeng Mine

London-listed Gem Diamonds has announced the recovery of a remarkable 123.20-carat Type II white diamond from the Letšeng mine in Lesotho. This significant find marks the eighth diamond greater than 100 carats that the company has unearthed this year, underscoring the exceptional yield and quality of the Letšeng mine.

The Letšeng Mine: A Source of Exceptional Diamonds

Gem Diamonds owns a 70% stake in the Letšeng mine, renowned for its production of large, high-quality white diamonds. The Letšeng mine holds a prestigious position in the diamond industry, recognized as the highest dollar per carat kimberlite diamond mine globally. This status is a testament to the exceptional clarity and size of the diamonds it produces, which consistently fetch premium prices on the international market.

Significance of the 123.20-Carat Type II White Diamond

The recovery of the 123.20-carat Type II white diamond is a noteworthy event for Gem Diamonds. Type II diamonds are particularly valued for their exceptional purity and lack of nitrogen impurities, which often results in superior optical transparency and brilliance. The size and quality of this diamond further enhance Letšeng’s reputation for yielding some of the most extraordinary diamonds in the world.

Record of Large Diamond Discoveries

This latest discovery adds to the impressive record of large diamond recoveries at Letšeng. With eight diamonds exceeding 100 carats discovered this year alone, Gem Diamonds continues to demonstrate the prolific nature of this mine. Such finds not only bolster the company’s portfolio but also attract significant attention from high-end jewelers and collectors worldwide.

Economic and Industry Impact

The discovery of large diamonds like this one has a substantial impact on the economic viability of mining operations. High-value diamonds contribute significantly to the revenue and profitability of mining companies. For Gem Diamonds, the consistent recovery of such large stones enhances its market position and financial stability, providing a competitive edge in the diamond industry.

Furthermore, the Letšeng mine’s ability to produce such remarkable diamonds supports the local economy in Lesotho through job creation and contributions to national revenue. The high-profile nature of these discoveries also brings international attention to the mining capabilities and natural resources of Lesotho.


The recovery of the 123.20-carat Type II white diamond from the Letšeng mine is a testament to the mine’s status as a premier source of large, high-quality diamonds. For Gem Diamonds, this find is yet another highlight in a year marked by significant discoveries, reinforcing the company’s reputation and market strength. As the Letšeng mine continues to yield exceptional diamonds, it remains a cornerstone of Gem Diamonds’ success and a beacon of the diamond mining industry’s potential.

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