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Hancocks London’s Jewel of the Month Places a Rare Diamond Within Sculpture

From its new flagship on St James’s Street, the prestigious 175-year-old jewelry boutique, Hancocks London, has unveiled its Jewel of the Month for July: a stunning 3.1 carat diamond ring with a unique and artistic setting. This piece, known as the Disorient ring, showcases not only a remarkable diamond but also an innovative and meticulously crafted design that embodies the boutique’s long-standing tradition of excellence in jewelry.

The Disorient Ring: An Exquisite Creation

The Disorient ring features a D-color VS1 type IIa antique-cut moval diamond. This particular diamond, with its combination of the elongated marquise cut and the softly rounded ends of an oval, offers a blend of vintage charm and modern elegance. The 3.1 carat diamond is set within a handcrafted sculptural platinum framework, complemented by a smooth polished band. The piece is priced at £125,000 (approximately $158,405) and comes with two GIA certificates, underscoring its authenticity and exceptional quality.

Artistic and Architectural Design

Amy Burton, Hancocks London’s creative director, describes the Disorient collection as characterized by “strong architectural lines that play with ideas of volume, geometry, and negative space.” The bold, sculptural jewels in this collection are designed to be substantial yet light, open, and feminine. The asymmetric platinum framework of the Disorient ring is meticulously handcrafted, requiring hours of precise work to ensure that every line and angle achieves perfect balance. This attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship are hallmarks of Hancocks London’s legacy.

The Rarity of Type IIa Diamonds

The diamond in the Disorient ring is exceptionally rare, belonging to the type IIa category, which includes less than 2% of the world’s diamonds. Type IIa diamonds are devoid of any measurable nitrogen, making them exceptionally transparent and brilliant. Famous type IIa diamonds include the Koh-i-Noor and the Cullinan, both part of the British Crown Jewels. The diamond’s D-color grade indicates it is completely colorless, further enhancing its rarity and value.

The Moval Cut: A Blend of Elegance and Revival

The moval cut, a combination of marquise and oval shapes, offers an elongated elegance with softly rounded ends. This cut was particularly favored in the early 20th century and is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity. According to Guy Burton, Hancocks London’s managing director, the diamond’s moval shape, significant carat weight, D color, and VS1 clarity make it a truly exceptional piece.


Hancocks London’s Jewel of the Month for July, the Disorient ring, is a testament to the boutique’s commitment to creating extraordinary pieces of jewelry. The ring’s rare 3.1 carat type IIa diamond, combined with its artistic and architectural design, exemplifies the high standards of craftsmanship and creativity that Hancocks London has upheld for 175 years. This exquisite piece not only celebrates the beauty and rarity of exceptional diamonds but also pays homage to the boutique’s enduring legacy in the world of fine jewelry.

Alice is a seasoned jewelry designer renowned for her exquisite creations that seamlessly blend artistry with elegance. With a passion for craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality, Alice has established herself as a distinguished figure in the world of fine jewelry. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and artistic movements, Alice brings a unique perspective to her designs, creating pieces that transcend mere accessories to become timeless works of art. Her meticulous attention to detail and insistence on using only the finest materials ensure that each creation reflects not only her artistic vision but also a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. Having honed her skills through years of dedicated practice and a keen understanding of evolving trends, Alice is adept at translating her clients' desires into bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces. Her portfolio encompasses a range of styles, from classic and timeless to avant-garde and contemporary, showcasing her versatility and ability to cater to a diverse clientele.

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