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UBS on Gold into H2 of 2024: “Most Preferred”

In a recent note, UBS expressed a strong preference for gold, highlighting its role as an attractive geopolitical hedge and a vital portfolio diversifier. The bank’s analysis is grounded in three central points that underscore the ongoing and future economic landscape:

1. Supportive Backdrop for Global Equities

UBS remains optimistic about global equities, driven by several key factors. They anticipate that as inflation continues to normalize, central banks will likely embark on an easing cycle. This monetary policy shift is expected to support equity markets by fostering a more conducive environment for economic growth and corporate profitability.

2. Investment in AI and Technology

UBS emphasizes the importance of being sufficiently invested in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. They suggest a tactical tilt towards the enabling layer of AI technology’s value chain and megacaps, indicating a belief in the significant potential of these areas to drive future market performance. This investment strategy reflects the growing influence of AI on various industries and its potential to create substantial value.

3. Political Uncertainty and Market Volatility

Political uncertainty is highlighted as a significant factor influencing market dynamics. UBS expects market volatility to persist, particularly in the lead-up to the US presidential election in November. Additionally, they note political turbulence in France and a smaller mandate for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi following recent elections. These geopolitical factors are likely to contribute to fluctuations in market sentiment and investor behavior.

Gold as a Geopolitical Hedge

Given these considerations, UBS rates gold as their most preferred asset. They argue that gold’s historical role as a safe haven asset makes it an ideal choice in times of political and economic uncertainty. The metal’s ability to act as a hedge against geopolitical risks and its status as a portfolio diversifier enhance its appeal in the current environment.


UBS’s recommendation to prioritize gold is based on a comprehensive analysis of economic trends, technological advancements, and geopolitical risks. By focusing on gold as a hedge and diversifier, alongside strategic investments in AI and a supportive outlook for global equities, UBS provides a nuanced strategy to navigate the complexities of H2 2024.

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