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Indian Representation Flourishes in Antwerp World Diamond Centre Leadership

Antwerp—The recent elections for the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) board highlighted a diverse representation, particularly from Indian stakeholders, signaling a shift toward forward-thinking leadership.

The election process, which spanned two days, categorized companies based on their sales figures, resulting in a competitive selection for board positions. In the category for companies with sales exceeding 100 million euros, Ravi Bhansali, Managing Director of Rosy Blue NV, and Isi Mörsel of Dali Diamonds Company were elected. For companies with sales below 30 million euros, Chirag Shah of Yashvi Diamonds and Samit Mehta of Snehdiam secured seats. Prakash Patel of Veediam and Hitesh Kakadiya of Sheetal Europe were chosen in the 30 to 100 million euro category.

The election results reflect a desire for change within the diamond community. Ravi Bhansali noted that the new board is predominantly composed of first-time members from the next generation. “We are assuming responsibility at a critical juncture for the global diamond industry, which is currently facing significant challenges,” Bhansali told TOI.

Rosy Blue NV expressed pride in Bhansali’s appointment, stating on Instagram, “We are honored to announce that Ravi Bhansali has been elected as a Board Member for AWDC for the coming four years. In this role, he will play a pivotal part in shaping AWDC policies, contributing to the service and protection of the Antwerp diamond community.”

The election outcome underscores the growing influence of Indian stakeholders in the global diamond trade and highlights a shift towards diverse leadership within AWDC. As these newly elected members prepare to lead the Antwerp diamond industry, there is anticipation for the innovative strategies and collaborative efforts they will bring to the forefront.

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