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Noz Nozawa Illuminates Corbett Lighting with Jewelry-Inspired Collection

San Francisco—Renowned designer Noz Nozawa, celebrated for her vibrant and bold interior designs, has infused her love for jewelry into her debut collection for Corbett Lighting. Known for her signature style of adorning herself with stacks of bangles, layers of necklaces, and multiple ear piercings, Nozawa’s passion for bling shines through in her new lighting designs.

Unveiled at April’s High Point Market, Nozawa’s first major showcase, the collection includes striking pieces such as Riviere, featuring vintage gold leaf encircling Ice Onyx disks; Lariat, with alabaster tubes suspended and dripping golden strands; and Tragus, a massive gem-cut pendant hanging from brass mariner’s chains. The collection, consisting of 16 pieces across seven style families, is the latest addition to Hudson Valley Lighting Group’s luxury Corbett line.

“The whole collection is pretty much inspired by my deep love and passion for jewelry,” Nozawa explained at the market. Her creations reflect her distinctive style, transforming her personal affinity for jewelry into artistic lighting designs.

Carisha Swanson, director of editorial special projects for House Beautiful, praised the collection, stating, “I love this collection because it’s such a reflection of Noz, bedazzled in gorgeous jewelry, now captured in this magnificent way by Corbett.” Swanson joined Nozawa at Hudson Valley’s High Point showroom to discuss “The Art of Storytelling,” a panel exploring how to infuse interior spaces with personal narratives through elements like furniture, wallpaper, paint, and lighting.

“It’s such a privilege that we as designers have the opportunity with each of our clients to uncover who they are and translate that into where they live,” said Nozawa. By intertwining her passions for jewelry and interior decor, Nozawa continues to develop her unique narrative, inspiring others to create personalized and expressive living spaces.

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