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Jewelers of America to Offer Beginner Bench Jeweler Certification at GIA Carlsbad

New York—Jewelers of America (JA) will conduct its Certified Beginner Bench Jeweler (CBBJ) exam at the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Carlsbad campus in California from August 8-9.

The CBBJ is one of three certification levels available through JA’s Bench Professional Certification Program. This two-day exam will assess skills and knowledge expected of an entry-level bench jeweler. It will take place at GIA’s Robert Mouawad Campus and be administered by a GIA professional, eliminating the need for an external proctor.

JA is offering special pricing for those who register for the exam on-site. “JA’s bench certification exam is a terrific way for individuals to validate their skills, communicate their professionalism, help their business stand out, and gain consumer confidence,” said David Bonaparte, JA’s president and CEO.

Initially developed in 1997, the certification program was relaunched last year. To support candidates, the GIA Alumni Collective will offer a three-day preparatory workshop from August 5-7. This workshop aims to enhance bench efficiency and review fundamental jewelry-making practices relevant to the exam. Conducted by a GIA instructor, the workshop will provide detailed insights into the exam and help participants build confidence in their skills.

For more details about JA’s Bench Professional Certification Program and to register for the CBBJ exam, visit JA’s website. The registration deadline is July 1. Additional information and registration for the prep workshop are available on GIA’s website.

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