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Hari Krishna Exports Celebrates International Yoga Day with Global Employee Participation

Mumbai, India—Hari Krishna Exports, a leading name in the diamond and jewelry industry, marked International Yoga Day with extensive global participation from nearly 4,000 employees.

In Mumbai, Surat, and various international locations, employees of the HK Group gathered to engage in yoga practices, reflecting the company’s commitment to this ancient Indian discipline. The Surat office hosted approximately 2,000 participants, while around 1,600 employees joined in Mumbai. Several hundred more participated from other HK Group offices worldwide.

The event featured various yoga asanas and breathing exercises, creating an atmosphere of positivity and unity. Savji Dholakia, Founder and Chairman of Hari Krishna Group, emphasized the transformative power of yoga for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. “By participating in International Yoga Day, we aim to foster unity among individuals and promote a harmonious world through this ancient practice,” he said.

Dholakia shared his personal journey into spirituality, beginning with Vipassana meditation in 2005-2006, underscoring the importance of inner peace and self-discovery. This commitment to mindfulness is integrated into Hari Krishna Exports’ daily operations, with regular Vipassana meditation sessions held after lunch, significantly contributing to the holistic development and productivity of employees.

Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder and Managing Director, led the Yoga Session in Mumbai, reaffirming the company’s dedication to employee wellness through activities like yoga, meditation, wellness camps, marathons, and medical check-ups. “Our participation in International Yoga Day underscores our commitment to fostering a healthy work environment and promoting harmony,” he stated.

Hari Krishna Exports continues to integrate yoga and mindfulness into its corporate culture, aiming to enhance employee well-being and inspire a broader movement towards a healthier and more peaceful world.

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