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Suspects Caught on Camera Robbing Bay Ridge Jewelry Store

Bay Ridge, NY—A jewelry store owner in Bay Ridge is urging the public to help identify suspects involved in a bold robbery that occurred on June 15. The incident, which was captured on surveillance cameras, is currently under investigation by the police.

The robbery took place shortly after 5 p.m. when a group of individuals entered the store and requested to see merchandise behind the counter. Store owner Fawzi Ayoub recounted to News12 how the suspects stole a roll of hand bracelets valued at over $50,000. The video footage shows a man holding the roll behind his back before passing it to a younger accomplice, who then concealed it within his shirt.

“The husband came around the back and gave me a bag with $27,000, and when I turned to count, they took the gold,” Ayoub explained. He emphasized that it would take at least a year of business to recover from this significant loss and expressed hope that the police would be able to retrieve the stolen merchandise.

Community members have expressed their support for Ayoub, describing his store as a cherished local institution. They condemned the actions of the thieves, highlighting Ayoub’s hard work and generosity.

“He works so hard, and it’s jewelry that cost around $55,000,” said Noha Elmolla, a friend and customer of Ayoub. “It’s really disheartening for them to come and just steal his jewelry and then walk away.”

Police are actively investigating the incident and reviewing the surveillance footage to identify the suspects. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the authorities to help bring those responsible to justice.

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