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Jewelry Highlights from Christie’s London Upcoming Antiquities Sale

London—On July 3, Christie’s London will host its annual Antiquities sale, featuring an exceptional selection of artifacts from ancient Mediterranean cultures, spanning from ancient Egypt to the fall of the Roman Empire. Among the highlights are rare and unique pieces of jewelry, some dating back to the fifth century B.C. The sale includes a noteworthy collection of Achaemenid gold jewelry, reputedly from the Hamadan region, originating from the Maurice Vidal collection.

These exquisite jewels will be auctioned alongside other ancient treasures. A standout item in the sale is an Attic black-figured amphora connected to Group E, closely linked with the renowned vase painter Exekias. This amphora vividly depicts Herakles’ 10th Labor, where the hero battles the three-headed, three-bodied monster Geryon.

In addition to the jewelry, the Classical section features an Etruscan bronze kore and a variety of Attic and South Italian vases, Greek terra-cottas, and Classical bronzes. These items collectively represent the rich artistic heritage and craftsmanship of ancient civilizations, offering collectors a rare opportunity to acquire pieces of significant historical value.

Christie’s Antiquities sale promises to be a remarkable event for enthusiasts and collectors of ancient art, showcasing the enduring beauty and cultural significance of these timeless artifacts.

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