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Pittsburgh’s Sabika Jewelry Bids Farewell After 23 Years

Sabika, a family- and women-owned jewelry store based in Robinson, is closing its doors after 23 years in business. The company is holding a farewell sale, showcasing its final designs until July 31.

During its tenure, Sabika served 300,000 customers, provided income to 5,300 stylists, and paid out $44 million in commissions, according to Miriam Mayr, Sabika’s vice president of marketing and sales.

“It would be unfair to point to any particular thing,” said Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, CEO and head designer of Sabika Jewelry. She described the closure as “death by a thousand cuts,” indicating that multiple factors led to the decision, though she did not elaborate further.

Sabika has been marketed as “a company by women for everyone.” Following the announcement of its closure in June, the community has shown overwhelming support. “The store has been full of customers every day wanting to ‘take a piece of Sabika with them,’” Mayr-Gracik noted.

Mayr-Gracik reflected on changing trends in jewelry buying, especially among younger generations. “This is something my mom instilled in us, you have to embrace change…change is the only constant in life,” she said. Millennials and Gen Z prefer convenient shopping methods and are more price-sensitive than older generations. Gen Z, in particular, seeks affordable, trendy, and innovative jewelry from non-traditional, online-only businesses.

Sabika’s unique pieces have never been “in fashion,” as Mayr-Gracik explained, noting that their jewelry style has always stood apart from mainstream trends. She acknowledged that Gen Z’s focus on price and sustainability efforts has influenced the market.

Throughout its operation, Sabika raised over $3.2 million for more than 1,500 nonprofits across the country. To continue this mission, the company is donating 10% of the proceeds from the farewell sale to The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Family Resources, and Cancer Bridges.

These charities are particularly meaningful to the Sabika team. The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence aligns with the family organization’s focus. The UPMC Hillman Cancer Center supported Gracik’s family after her father was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. Additionally, founder Karin Mayr, a survivor of child abuse, chose Family Resources for its efforts in preventing child abuse and supporting affected individuals.

The Sabika team shared heartfelt farewell messages with their Sabika Family, expressing gratitude for the years of business and the emotional weight of the decision to close. They encourage customers to celebrate the business by participating in the farewell sale, which includes online and in-store events at 6450 Steubenville Pike, featuring the last new Sabika designs.

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