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SAPD Arrests Man Accused of Stealing Jewelry from James Avery Store

San Antonio, TX—San Antonio police have apprehended a suspect linked to the theft of jewelry from a James Avery store in early May. Jeremy Ramirez, 29, was arrested on Thursday after being identified as the individual who stole $5,000 worth of jewelry from the store on May 3.

Incident Details

The incident occurred on May 3 when Ramirez walked into the James Avery store and took jewelry valued at $5,000. According to police reports, there was no weapon involved in the robbery. The store owner promptly notified the police and provided surveillance footage to assist in identifying the suspect.

Community Involvement

The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) leveraged social media to involve the community in the search for the suspect. SAPD posted the surveillance footage on Facebook, requesting public assistance in identifying Ramirez. This strategy proved effective when, on June 24, police received an anonymous tip that led to a warrant for Ramirez’s arrest.

Arrest and Charges

Ramirez was taken into custody at his place of employment following the anonymous tip. He now faces a felony theft charge, according to police. The timely intervention and cooperation between the community and law enforcement were crucial in resolving the case.


The arrest of Jeremy Ramirez highlights the importance of community involvement in law enforcement efforts. The SAPD’s use of social media to gather information and the subsequent arrest demonstrates a successful collaboration between the police and the public in ensuring community safety and justice.

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