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Steady Flow of Business at Indian Pavilion During Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong

Hong Kong—The Jewellery & Gem ASIA (JGA) Hong Kong event, held from June 20-23, 2024, saw a steady flow of business for the India Pavilion, organized by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). The event, staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, is a premier mid-year B2B sourcing platform for the gems and jewellery industry in Asia.

India Pavilion Highlights

The India Pavilion featured 12 exhibitors showcasing an array of Indian-manufactured gem and jewellery products. Spanning an area of 117 square meters, the pavilion was strategically located across multiple halls: Hall 3FG Diamonds Hall, Hall 3C (Concourse) for gemstones, and Hall 1AE for jewellery. This diverse setup highlighted the craftsmanship and variety inherent in India’s gem and jewellery sector.

Positive Feedback from Exhibitors

Ashay Mehta of Mumbai-based A.J. Mehta & Co. LLP reported a positive experience despite modest expectations. “We carry many fancy shape diamonds and have had a steady set of regular clients, many of whom are designers,” Mehta said. He noted a trend of buyers restocking smaller amounts more frequently, reflecting cautious purchasing behavior.

Jatin Hariani of Jaipur-based Jatin Gems echoed a similar sentiment, noting that business was slower than the previous year but still planning to return next year. Jatin Gems specializes in semi-precious gemstone-set jewellery, including brooches and bracelets, which have been popular among retail buyers. Precious gemstones are really expensive now, so semi-precious – like tanzanites, tourmalines, turquoise, and amethysts – are doing really well,” Hariani stated.

Ankit Shah of KOLORS observed a high demand for natural color diamonds, despite a downturn in the white diamond market. “People are moving into color diamonds, as prices are holding in this segment,” Shah explained. KOLORS had a notable sale of a 3-carat green diamond to a designer, underscoring the importance of the trip from India. Shah also highlighted the stable market for Argyle pink diamonds.

Strategic Importance and Future Prospects

Vipul Shah, Chairman of GJEPC, emphasized the significance of the Hong Kong market for Indian gem and jewellery exports. “Participating in Jewellery & Gems Asia Hong Kong provides a vital platform for our exhibitors to showcase the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Indian products to a global audience,” Shah said. The event is crucial in reinforcing India’s leadership position in the global gem and jewellery industry.

Exhibitors and Product Showcase

The India Pavilion at Jewellery & Gems Asia Hong Kong 2024 featured some of the finest loose diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery:

Loose Diamonds (Hall 3FG): H R Diam (3G623), KOLORS (3G522), Venu Diamond (3G524), A.J. Mehta & Co. LLP (3G621).

Gemstones (Hall 3C Concourse): Chordia Gems Private Limited (3M171), Royal Gems Impex (3M173), M S Gems (3M169).

Jewellery (Hall 1AE): Pietre Del Mondo (1B525), Jatin Gems (1B527), Panchoo Jewels LLP (1B426), Surya Jewellers (1B427).


The steady business at the Indian Pavilion during Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong 2024 reflects the resilience and adaptability of India’s gem and jewellery sector. With cautious optimism, exhibitors reported meaningful engagements and sales, affirming the event’s role as a critical platform for international trade and collaboration. As the industry navigates evolving market dynamics, events like JGA Hong Kong remain integral to showcasing India’s craftsmanship and sustaining its global presence.

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