Sunday, July 7, 2024

Queensmith Launches Program for Aspiring Jewellers

London—Queensmith has unveiled its inaugural Academy, offering a unique opportunity for 12 aspiring artisan jewellers to start a career in fine jewellery-making with on-the-job training.

The Academy aims to recruit top raw talent to join as full-time employees, providing training under some of London’s finest jewellers and full integration into the wider workshop team.

Focusing on goldsmithing and diamond setting, the course combines training modules, hands-on project work, and personalized coaching. Unlike traditional courses, this dynamic mix is designed to craft the future of jewellery-making.

“We’re not just teaching; we’re crafting the future of jewellery-making,” said Brett Afshar, founder and CEO of Queensmith. “Our Academy is a place where talent meets opportunity, and where the artisans of tomorrow can grow under the mentorship of today’s best jewellers. We don’t just make jewellery at Queensmith; we make the jewellers too.”

Astrid Jaroslawsky, Head of Workshop Learning & Development, emphasized the program’s unique approach. “Unlike other development programs, the roles are salaried, and successful candidates will be rewarded with loyalty perks throughout their Queensmith career. It’s an incredible opportunity for jewellery graduates to set themselves up for a life-long career in the fine jewellery trade, starting with the intricacies of making exquisite engagement and wedding rings, among other fine jewellery.”

Selected students will benefit from a £24k starting salary, a £1k relocation bonus, and a £10k retention bonus after three years. The application deadline is July 15.\

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