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Discover Unique and Authentic Jewellery at the Bride & Groom Expo 2024

Kampala—The Bride & Groom Expo 2024 offers visitors a unique opportunity to purchase authentic jewellery for engagement, introduction, and white wedding ceremonies. Despite the challenge of finding original pieces, the expo aims to resolve this issue for Ugandans.

Under the theme “Together Pakalast,” the expo brings together the best service providers in Uganda’s wedding and marriage events industry, making it the perfect place to find jewellery for special occasions.

Exhibitors and Offerings

Among the exhibitors is Signature Jewellery, a leader in customized, pristine jewellery for wedding and engagement rings. Specializing in wedding rings and accessories made from pure gold and silver, Signature Jewellery sets the pace for bespoke jewellery design.

“Everything we have is original; there is no coating,” asserted Nikhill Dhakhian, the manager. For those on a budget, silver options are available, while those with a higher budget can opt for diamond or gold. Dhakhian claims they offer the best jewellery designs in Kampala. Additionally, Signature Jewellery has partnered with Vision Group to bring the expo to life.

Expo Details and Sponsors

The Bride & Groom Expo, which started on June 28 and concludes today, June 30, at the UMA Show Grounds in Lugogo, has been made successful with sponsorship from Penny Bold Bridal, Fragolino, Crown Beverages (Pepsi), The Looks Bespoke, Uganda Breweries Ltd., and Health Care Limited. Partners include Uganda Airlines, Café Javas, Signature Jewellery, the Kenya Tourism Board, Marasa Africa, and the Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

This expo is a golden opportunity for couples to discover unique and authentic jewellery, ensuring their special day is truly unforgettable.

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